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Outsource your clear aligner workflow by allowing our team of experienced orthodontists to diagnose, treatment plan, and optimize the setup your case.

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Ten Years of Experience
300,000 Cases
25% Average Refinement Rate

For over ten years, Clear TPS has worked with thousands of doctors from all over the globe, helping them treatment plan more than 300,000 clear aligner cases, resulting in an average refinement rate of less than 25%. (1)

What is Treatment Plan Optimization?

ClinCheck Occlusal

Clear Aligner manufacturers only provide treating doctors with a virtual setup.

That’s all you get - a setup. 

We partner with you to first properly diagnose your malocclusion case, then create a treatment plan that is optimized to result in more consistent and more predictable clinical results.

Treatment Plan Optimization - it's at the heart of everything we do.

What We Believe

At Clear TPS, we believe that malocclusion is a disease, and should be treated without limitation to clinical confidence or experience, patient education, training or cost.

For the Patient, we believe that clear aligner therapy is a pivotal solution for halting the decline of oral health as a result of malocclusion.

For the Practice, we believe that clear aligner therapy should be effective, efficient and rewarding.

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