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Is it time to get serious about getting the most predictable results with your clear aligner cases?

Ever wish you could have an expert orthodontist review your pending case to maximize your outcomes?

Are you ready to take your clear aligner cases and your clinical confidence to the next level?

Then join Dr. Adriana Garro Mena and ClearTPS for a MasterClass and intense review of YOUR pending case.


Dr Adriana Garro


We make our decisions based on evidence, the literature, and our orthodontic education, and will show you the thought process our team uses on every single case.


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  • Understand how to prevent a compromised virtual setup, how to know what to ask for, and how to get it.
  • Some movements should be exaggerated - Learn which ones.
  • Learn how to adjust space to better prepare for implants.
  • Dr Garro will personally perform a case evaluation, clinical diagnosis, and then a treatment plan optimization for your clear aligner case.
  • Learn which instructions to technicians are more likely to be followed and which ones are most likely to be ignored
  • Learn to avoid the situation which can lead to posterior open bite and occlusal TMJ issues.
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  1. MasterClass Requirements?  One Invisalign case, submitted in the registration process the Friday before class.  Submit payment, and attend class via Zoom.
  2. Why should I register by the Friday before?  Each case is carefully reviewed and a detailed presentation is tailored per case. 
  3. What do I get?  One case diagnosed and optimized by our Masters, while you and 2-3 other clinicians can interact and learn. One case per registrant for a variety of clinical situations.  PLUS a recording link so you can re-watch later.
  4. Can I review a finished case?  Yes, if you don’t have an active case you’d like to submit, you can submit a completed one and see how our Masters would have optimized it for you.
  5. How long is MasterClass?  Approximately 1 hour.  We suggest plan for 60-90min for interactive discussion.
  6. How much is MasterClass?  $495 USD; currently offered at $299 for our Summer 2022 Special!
  7. Is it Recorded?  Yes you will receive a Zoom recording.  We require you have all patient permissions in order share with all attendees.
  8. What if I miss my class?  You will have a complimentary reschedule opportunity.